The Buzz About Bees and Baseball

May 6, 2024 | Blog

Pest Control Saves The Game!

We enjoy a good baseball game, being outside, watching the teams play, enjoying the buzz in the air…Last week, an unusual buzz was in the air at an Arizona Diamondbacks game at Chase Field.  A swarm of bees caused a two-hour delay in the game while the store manager, Matt Hilton with Blue Sky Pest Control, was called in to remove the swarm due to potential safety concerns. 


While he did a fantastic job of removing the bees and just an ‘ok’ job at throwing out the first pitch, we thought this would be a great moment to go over some bee safety tips here in the Urbandale and Des Moines areas. 

What do you do if you see a swarm of bees?

The most important thing is to not agitate the bees by remaining calm and taking care of them by evacuating the area so that people and pets don’t come into contact with the swarm.  A bee swarm is a completely natural occurrence that usually takes place in the spring as the weather warms up, usually between March and May when plants are in bloom and pollen is plentiful.  A swarm usually means that the bees likely outgrew their hive, and they’re looking for a new place to create a bigger population to store their honey and keep growing.

Call pest professionals like Bats and Bugs Pest Solutions.

As you can see on the video at the ball game, even Mr. Hilton knew that he needed to wear protective gear and used a spray that safely stunned the bees so that he could quickly suck them up and move them to a place with more pollen and fewer people.

Pest pros and beekeepers have the experience and equipment to remove bees from your property safely.

Please do not try to remove the bees yourself. Not only can bees sting, but according to an article by, thousands of bees can be in a hive, and they will become aggressive if provoked, which would mean thousands of bee stings at once.  Additionally, if anyone in the area has a bee allergy, you could create an even bigger problem if they have a severe reaction.

We hope you enjoyed the buzz about bees at the ballgame this week—we certainly did! If you have any bee, wasp, or additional pest issues, please contact us for a free quote in the Des Moines area!

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