Expert Tips for Bird Control and Nest Removal

Apr 28, 2024 | Blog

Birds Are Great! Most of the Time


Have you ever found yourself dodging dive-bombing birds or being “kicked off” your porch by nesting flocks? While birds are often welcomed guests in our yards, their presence can turn troublesome when they begin to damage property. Did you know birds play a crucial role in pest control by consuming hundreds of tons of insects annually? Despite their beneficial role, certain bird species can wreak havoc on your property, targeting porch soffits, and eaves, and even entering your home. In this blog, we’ll explore three types of birds notorious for property damage and provide expert advice on how to address the issue.

When They Destroy Property:

Birds such as pigeons, barn swallows, and starlings are known culprits for property damage. Pigeons can turn up unwanted in commercial settings, nesting in stairwells and rain gutters. Barn swallows, while small in size, can quickly create mud nests in undesirable locations, posing a threat to livestock in barns. Starlings, with their aggressive nesting behavior, dig out cavities in buildings and construct nests in cracks and crevices. Prompt action is essential upon spotting nests to prevent extensive damage and regulatory issues.

Contact Us Quickly!

Contacting pest control experts is crucial when dealing with bird infestations. Regulations regarding nest removal vary depending on the bird species, and attempting DIY solutions can lead to undesirable consequences. Seeking professional assistance ensures safe and humane removal of birds while complying with regulations and mitigating property damage.

What Do We Do?

At Bats and Bugs Pest Solutions, we prioritize safe and humane bird removal methods. Our team assesses the situation, safely relocates birds, and implements exclusionary tactics to prevent future nesting. Additionally, we offer tips to deter birds from nesting, such as using decoy predator birds, bird netting, and bird spikes.

Depending on the type of bird and damages, we’ll go about repairing and setting up exclusionary tactics to dissuade would-be returning nesters.  Our goal is to provide safe solutions for the owner, the birds, and your home!  

A very tired red-headed finch

Tips to Deter Birds From Nesting:

  1. Plastic decoy predator birds like hawks and owls are easy to find at your local big-box store, and you can even buy an automated one that moves around to seem more real. 
  2. Knockdown nests before they are occupied!  If birds have previously nested in an area, ensure it remains clean from droppings and debris. Utilize a hospital-grade disinfectant and cleaning agent to eliminate their scent and pheromones, discouraging them from returning to the same spot.
  3. Bird netting from providers like this can prevent birds from nesting on your house by creating a physical barrier that keeps them from landing and starting the job. 
  4. If you think you have some birds scoping your place, another deterrent is bird spikes. When birds try to land on an area that has spikes placed, they will get a light prick, which it is uncomfortable and generally not harmful.  There are spikes designed to go along at different widths and for gutters. 

If You Need Help:

If you’re facing a bird-related dilemma, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. Our experienced team will assess the situation and provide effective bird control methods tailored to your property’s needs. With our expertise, we’ll ensure a bird-free environment and make your space less desirable for future avian visitors.

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