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Rooted in a legacy of animal care, Corey, the son of a veterinarian, has spent most of his life around all kinds of critters and creatures. In 2003, he earned his degree in Wildlife Science and Management, beginning a 25-year journey focused on humane pest exclusion and prevention.

Integrity is not just a buzzword for Corey—it is a cornerstone of his approach. His commitment to fair pricing is underlined by transparency and honesty, ensuring that his customers understand how and where the problems are in their homes, helping them to repair current issues, and finishing up with exclusion so that pests cannot easily come back. Document each customer’s experience so that they know what he did and how he fixed their situation. Additionally, Corey extends a comprehensive annual program to customers that is meticulously designed to safeguard homeowners and prevent potential future pest issues. Read our reviews and then contact us to experience firsthand the seamless blend of expertise, compassion, and unwavering integrity in our approach to pest management.

Corey and Batman
Corey and Batman

Steve Whitehill

Steve brings years of experience in pest control and wildlife removal to our team. Despite his grandfather’s Navy service, Steve chose to serve as a Marine, completing tours overseas before returning to Des Moines, IA, where he now lives with his wife and four kids.   With a deep appreciation for music across all genres, Steve’s keen ear adds a unique dimension to our workplace.  Steve is a versatile and experienced individual!  His background in both military service and pest control highlights his commitment to service and problem-solving.  It’s been impressive how he transitioned his skills to benefit his community in Des Moines, and it is not wonder he’s already gotten a shout out from one of our customers in a recent review! 

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