Dealing with Raccoon Intruders: What to look for and when to call in the experts

Apr 28, 2024 | Blog

Raccoon Roundup: How to Deal with Pesky Intruders on Your Property


Raccoons can be pesky; they like to rifle through trash cans and will find ways to climb up onto your roof!  If you hear something in your attic, you might have a raccoon trying to use your attic as a den.  So, what to do? If you call a wildlife control company like Bats and Bugs Pest Solutions, here is what we will do:

When You Call Us

When we come to your home, we will ask you about the noises that you’re hearing. Are you hearing scratching, rustling, and maybe even a sound that they make that we refer to as “chittering”?  Then, we go up to where you hear the noise and look for latrines.  These are exactly what you think they are: areas where the raccoons usually urinate and create piles of excrement.  It can smell and look like a party gone amazingly bad in an area where raccoons decide to nest.  Since raccoons often leave their feces in large communal piles, cleaning up after these pests can become an ordeal.  Homeowners can find raccoon latrines on roofs, decks, attics, and near woodpiles.  Because racoons are natural hosts for parasitic roundworms, it is critical to remove not just the raccoons but to clean up what they have left behind. 

What Our Experts Do

The Bats and Bugs expert technicians will give you a plan to trap the raccoons, rehome them, clean up, and do necessary repairs.  We provide exclusion tactics to dissuade raccoons from wanting to come back in.  We use traps to capture the raccoons; if it’s a mama and her kits, it might take some creativity to trap the whole family.  We use the most humane tactics, such as trapping the babies and then getting mom in what is known as a partitioned trap.  We use cameras to see when there are raccoons in the traps so that we can know it’s time to come and remove them from your property.   As licensed professionals, this is a part of our training and expertise in doing this step as quickly, humanely, and safely as possible. 

Clean Up and Keep Out!

Once we have them off of your premises, we will clean up the nasties that were left behind by these little critters, make necessary repairs, and take steps to prevent future raccoons from entering your property. We do this with the proper gear and by showing you before and after pictures so that you know we did the job well!   

Are You Hearing Something?

We provide free quotes to those that live in the Des Moines metro area, and reasonable rates for further drives.  Fill out our Contact Us form, or call us at 515-218-3400.  

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